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Sending your views to Kildare County Council is important

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We all know that biodiversity and the  climate are in crisis. Indeed the Oireachtas declared a climate and biodiversity emergency in 2019. But what is being done? One very obvious solution is to save and restore our remaining bogs. The evidence is clear. The science is unequivocal. So write to Kildare County Council and your TD and say you support the National Peatlands Park. This could help save the endangered water birds such as the Lapwing, rare butterflies and Orchids. You can help by registering for submissions on the Consultation portal of the Kildare County Council website. A revised version of the draft Kildare County Development Plan is live for comments from 28 September.  Deadline for submissions on the revised plan is 27 October 2022. We support the amendments to the plan which increases the area in Kildare for nature. Next step is to designate our peatlands for the National Park. THANK YOU!

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