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All about Sphagnum Moss

Event Report: Saturday 25th May 2024 Walk in Lullymore & Lullybeg, County Kildare

Read about Jesmond Harding's late May walk to see the butterflies which can be found in the wetlands of Lullymore and Lullybeg.


 Key peatlands facts

  • 3% of the world is peatlands

  • 16% of Ireland is peatlands (CSO, 2018)

  • Kildare has 10,390 hectares of peat bogs ( CSO, 2018)

  • it takes 1000 years to create one meter of bog 

  • bogs are between 4000 and 9000 years old

  • oak trees over 4000 years old have been found preserved under deep peat

  • sphagnum moss is the keystone bog building plant

  • sphagnum moss holds 20 times its own weight in water

  • bogs hold up to 10 times more carbon per meter than rain forests

  • intact active bogs are a carbon sink

  • exposed bare peat is a carbon source


Start in Kildare: National Peatlands Park

The Kildare County Development Plan was published on 28 January 2023. We are delighted that the National Peatlands Park has been included in the Plan. But this is just the first step. We now need to persuade Bord na Mona to designate 70% of their bogs in Kildare for biodiversity and the Government to formally designate the former Bog of Allen in Kildare as the gateway to our National Peatlands Park. The direct link to the plan is below.


New supporters joining each week

  • No Planet B

  • Smart Bogs

  • North Kildare Leader

  • Kildare Public Participation Network

  • Tina Claffey, celebrated photographer of bog plants,

  • Christy Moore, Kildare folk singer, song writer and guitarist

  • EcoParish Prosperous

NEWS and Peatland facts: News


We have put together answers to your frequently asked questions. Feel free to email us if you have more questions

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NEWS and Peatland facts: Welcome
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